Privacy Policy


We take your information privacy very seriously. We pledge to treat your information with the utmost respect and only use it to serve you. Your personally identifiable information will not be sold, rented, licensed or in any other way distributed to third parties with the following exceptions:

  • Companies that we rely on to fulfill your order. Most of the time this only includes the shipping provider and the payment processing company. These third parties are only given the information necessary for them to complete their jobs in order to fulfill your order.
  • When it is required by law.
  • Only if the law is specific to our value of fairness in the ordering process.
  • You can protest the policies as long as there is good precedent in your complaint,  We will listen to your issue with as little bias as we possibly can. 

We guarantee the security and safety of your information through the use of State of the art encryption. State of the art encryption is very powerful protocol. We use it to encrypt your information before it is transmitted to our store ensuring that it is not intercepted during the transmission.

Email Communication
Your email will never be rented, licensed, or in any other way distributed to any third party company other than what is specified above. It will only be used for the following purposes:

  • To send order updates when a purchase is made.
  • To respond to customer inquiries.
  • To send requested information, newsletters, and in-store coupons.
  • To send you promotional information and alert you of sales and discounts.
  • To send questions or surveys that will help us to better serve our customers in the future.
  • We will make a definite decision and respond to you in a somewhat reasonable time frame.  Perhaps as much as 30-90-days.  Hopefully sooner.

You can remove yourself from these lists at any time.

We want you to feel safe and secure shopping at our store. If you ever have a question or concern about the privacy of your information contact us at We will respond as quickly as possible.