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What we are offering is our Stock Inventory collection, Storm Door Supply collection, Sunrise window collection, and the JELD-WEN collection on the JWSDIYWindows.com site.  

OK, to begin with our "Stock Inventory collection" is an accumulation of window and door products that we selected that are being sold for a fraction of what our cost are.  Why, you ask would we do this?  Well, we changed our business plan from installing these products to only selling a limited group of manufacturers.  So we have excess inventory we need to sell, simple as that.  We need the room for our current inventory so, current high quality stock is sold upto 75% off our cost.  

"Storm Door Supply" products:  We have been in business since 1969.  During that time, we have installed 1000's of top brand Storm window and door products.  We know what it takes to do genuine and permanent fixes to these type of items.  Again we no longer install, but rather supply product and insight to fix storm doors and windows like new.   We have assembled hard to find hardware that will save customers a ton of money, by being able to fix their existing windows and doors as opposed to replacing them.  

"Sunrise window collection" JWS has offered this brand since they opened in 1995.  We know the product and on the JWSDIYwindows.com site we offer the Essentials brand.  

We also offer the mid-grade Sunrise series and top Vanguard series brand on our JWSwindows.com website.   

Finally, we offer the "JELD-WEN collection" specifically the Builders series vinyl products on the JWSDIYWindows.com site.  

For the wood - w2500 and W4500 goto the JWSWindows.com website.  We offer other lines of doors as well.  For these type of units give us your specifications and we will give you a FREE Quote ASAP.   Come to our sites to see what we can do for your project. 

John Whalen - President JWSWindows.com


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