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Why We Do What We Do !!!

JWS has been in the window & door business since 1969 (thats a long time).  We have been in the "Collecting" business even longer.  So many customers have written us to tell us just how much they enjoy our products (see our review page).    John Whalen & his wife Terry owner's of JWS have collected unique art, antiques, vintage hardware, household items, collectibles, hard to find window & Door parts, and 1000's of other new and used treasures since the late 50's (see our collections above).  In August 2017 started selling our items online.

Our superb discoveries are just a click away. "We have a lifetime of collecting to share with you".  Many treasures available now, and more are being added every day.  If you have a specific item your looking for list it, with your email, on our pop-up screen, or the Contact Us below we'll look for the item(s).

Our website is a monumental and exciting work in progress.  Almost every item is exclusive so act now.  Visit us frequently to see the many new interesting finds we add to our collections daily...see for yourself.  One of a kind works, limited edition, and rare pieces.  We are an: Estate Sale, Flea market, Garage Sale, Antique Shop, Resale Store, Yard Sale, all in one.  We offer proven value that will enrich your life... Guaranteed.  

Again online at and you can reach us through the website . We try to get back ASAP, but sometimes we get a bit back-logged.

Our site may not be perfect, but have you ever gone to an estate sale where you didn't have to LOOK?



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